Computer Aided Design


TCCR differentiates itself by providing engineering and design capabilities. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is essential for design and communication in today’s world. Not only is CAD quick and efficient, but also CAD files can be transmitted electronically to the field and to our customers. Most TCCR project managers and engineers can access these drawings electronically from remote sites through our Internet / Intranet Portal.

TCCR has a standard operating procedure for all of its CAD work. This standard is followed and allows for easy transmission of information between offices and to the outside customer base.

TCCR and affiliates build new plants and maintain existing plants. TCCR often uses AutoCAD for new and existing plant refractory designs. Often TCCR is modifying existing refractory designs and will draw the existing unit, showing all detailed changes on CAD. Frequently CAD is used to illustrate the constructability of different projects as well as to present design options.


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